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Meet the 189. Brazilian brand of timeless contemporary jewelry.

189. It is a brand of contemporary jewelry, which has a feminine DNA, strong, modern and sophisticated, with a Brazilian essence immersed in a timeless design and that, for that reason, has pieces made to move naturally in women around the world.

Founded in 2018, 189. has in its collection unique and handcrafted jewelry, created with inspirations and stories that make each collection a journey full of meaning. The creations have different textures present in most jewelry, many with a more rustic air, employing the look and aesthetic sense present in the brand, which unites sophistication and the modernity of sterling silver, giving the Brazilian jewelry a differential than what is presented in the current jewelry market in the country.

Who signs all this story is the São Paulo designer Stephanie Perla, who with different experiences in different countries and ateliers throughout Europe, was nurturing the dream of building her own jewelry brand. Stephanie has a degree in Fashion Design from Faculdade Santa Marcelina de São Paulo, with a focus on jewelry and from there, the designer got to know the universe of jewelry under various aspects, especially its backstage, such as having taken the course in Modeling in Wax Lost and Set Stone Flush Setting at Central Saint Martins College in London, and to have an internship in a fine jewelry brand with over 100 years of tradition in Hamburg. In Florence, Italy, she took a course in Advanced Bench and Contemporary Jewelry Techniques at Alquimia College.

The designer's creative and inspirational process goes through several subjects, objects and textures. That's why the collections range from inspirations to personalities, nature and the essence of the modern world. Therefore, the pieces are timeless, created with a refined authorial design and are designed for people who value the inspirations, emotions and purposes of the sea here.

“Through jewelry I am able to express what I see in society and in this world of great abysses. I turn my inspirations into jewelry with purpose, into pieces that tell stories and bring emotions.”