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189. Joalheria Contemporânea Brasileira

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Close your eyes and connect with lightness.

Forget the hours, count the moments, the movement.

 Allow yourself to explore the possibilities of colors, shapes and textures that make up our new collection, where everything becomes inspiration.

​Black pearls mix with silver and shape jewelry in contemporary, irregular tones, full of movement and LIGHTNESS.

​Each piece is unique, designed as if the movement of the wind itself had been in charge of molding it under the effects of nature and all the adaptations we make to our construction.

​Contemplate this light, energetic and fluid novelty without haste, just like us.
 Between silver and gold creations, allow yourself to explore the possibilities of shapes, aromas and textures that make up our new capsule, where everything becomes an experience.

Each piece is unique, with an uncomplicated and cozy refinement like a hug!

​The pieces in the collection are established as the top trend of the moment: comfort and welcoming. What may seem simplistic, in fact expresses the behavior of current society and its desires, is a maxim that has nothing to do with simplicity.

​Cosiness is beauty and practicality:
Everything we need to choose timeless pieces that move in different environments!
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101 Tomie Ohtake

The collection was named 101 to celebrate the life of the plastic artist who died in 2015 at the age of 101. The other jewels are inspired by the artist's works and named for the age at which they were made.

The technique used for jewelry is practiced in Brazil so far only by Stephanie Perla, designer at 189., for about 2 years, and who decided to use it to make a reference to Tomie Ohtake's birth country, the Japan. Nunome Zogan is a Japanese Inlay technique that consists of making four-way teeth in the metal, making a texture similar to a piece of cloth and then placing a thin layer of 24K gold or 1000 silver (depends on the metal the teeth were made of. ).

In Japanese, Zo means “symbolism” and Gan means “inlay”. Nunome Zogan means Cloth Inlay (布目象嵌). The technique was applied to swords and religious utensils that were used in ceremonies since the Asuka Period 592AD but is now in extinction. Because it is very time-consuming and difficult, young people no longer have the will to practice it.

“The 101 collection is to pay homage to this incredible Japanese artist who was Tomie Ohtake, for that there is nothing better than joining the silhouettes of some of her works with the Nunome Zogan technique, an ancient technique used by Japanese since the Asuka period, however is endangered"
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The desire to propose a new men's jewelry and the love for material, technique and excellence led us to join forces with stylist Victor Belchior. From this beautiful partnership, our first capsule collection was born
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Linha Aïsha

Our new collection that is a source of inspiration for creating a greater representation in our portfolio, the name Aïsha, means “VIVA”, means attitude and is still an important tribute to the family of the brand's designer, Stephanie Perla.

​Aïsha was born with the delicious mission of translating light, timeless and stylish trends. In addition to representing the affection and power of the meaning of your name, in every way.

​The line unites the freshness of young women from all over the world, with the strength and soul of Brazilian women, who are present in each one of us, at all stages of life!

This woman, full of energy to explore the world, uses the main fashion trends in the jewelry universe, in an uncomplicated and daring way.

All collections in this line have exclusive pieces, where every detail is thought to make you feel strong, free and ALIVE!
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Nunome Zogan

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Minha noiva adorou!! Vai querer mais peças dessa coleção para completar o conjunto

Marcelo P.

Amei! Era tudo que eu precisava, ficar cheirando lavanda o dia inteiro!


Muito incrível! Achei que o brinco seria pesado mas é super leve!! Nem parece que estou de brinco!!!

Marcia F.