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A new line from 189. that is a source of inspiration for creating a greater representation in our portfolio, the name Aïsha, means “VIVA”, means attitude and is still an important tribute to the family of the brand's designer, Stephanie Perla.

Aïsha was born with the delicious mission of translating light, timeless and stylish trends. In addition to representing the affection and potency of the meaning of your name, in every way.

The line unites the freshness of young women from all over the world, with the strength and soul of Brazilian women, who are present in each one of us, at all stages of life!

This woman, full of energy to explore the world, uses the main fashion trends in the jewelry universe, in an uncomplicated and daring way.

All collections in this line have exclusive pieces, where every detail is thought to make you feel strong, free and ALIVE!